Video: Rampage Calls Rashad on Live Stream

While engaged with his fans on the video streaming website Twitch, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson called "Suga" Rashad Evans for a live conversation, per request of his fans in the chatroom. Initially, Evans did not answer his phone call. However, he immediately called back, and hilarity ensued... [embed][/embed] I enjoyed watching this clip and got some big laughs from it. It makes me wish Rampage and Rashad would co-host some kind of show together; a TV show, radio show or podcast. Podcast, most preferably, as it would allow them to be fully uncensored, which is what we're getting in this video. Their chemistry is just undeniable; whether they are butting heads or getting along, they are always very entertaining.

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Gabe Killian

Gabe Killian

Gabe Killian is a mixed martial arts journalist and handicapper, as well as a stand-up comedian and writer.