wwemitbIt may seem like there has been a major live event (what could formerly be called a pay per view) on the WWE Network every two weeks. It doesn’t just seem that way though – it IS that way. Just two weeks after Elimination Chamber and for the third time in six weeks, we’re back to preview another WWE event – and this time it’s Money in the Bank. It may be that getting the latest odds before later tonight (Sunday) can put a little money in YOUR bank too. Now I’d like to point out once again for the naysayers and doubters that “odds” don’t mean you’re betting on an actual athletic contest. This isn’t the Belmont Stakes, or the NBA Finals, or the World Series. The favorites and the underdogs here have nothing to do with who would win in a legitimate grappling contest. Any wagers you place on Money in the Bank are based strictly on the stories the writers create, and the chances their plans will be thrown out the window because Vince McMahon gets a wild hair up his rear. The longer the odds, the better the chances are that there’s a long term story in mind, and they’re not going to throw out the script in the middle of it just for the sake of a stupid Vince Russo style “swerve.” For example – if you’re looking at the odds for the Intercontinental Title match, newly crowned champion Ryback is a -900 favorite, and perennial gargantuan attraction The Big Show is a +500 dog. If it were a real fight, the 7 foot tall and 400 plus pound Showkishi could simply sit on Ryback until he cried uncle. Then again maybe the smaller and (somewhat) more agile Ryback would simply avoid the giant until he got winded, double leg him to the ground, and pin him. Both equally great ideas in a shoot – but this is a work. Since Ryback just won two weeks ago, the odds reflect the fact that WWE is in no way interested in pulling the plug on “The Big Guy” Ryback in his first singles championship – not yet anyway. Feed him more. Here are some more heavy favorites for Money in the Bank. Current WWE Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is widely believed to retain on Sunday night against the “unstable” Dean Ambrose, at -560 to +370 respectively. You can also be fairly confident that Roman Reigns will pull down the Money in the Bank briefcase in a ladder match, because he’s -420 against all other contenders – the field is +300. Where things really get interesting is the matches where there’s a clear possibility somebody behind the scenes will change their mind at the last second. Kevin Owens beat John Cena two weeks ago, but can he do it again at MITB? As of this writing both men are -120 – a statistical coin flip. Keep an eye on this line and see if a favorite emerges before the show when the “smart money” comes in. I strongly suspect Cena will emerge the favorite and Owens will be the dog, since WWE will probably have them tie at one win apiece and go to a third “rubber match.” Please remember that all WWE previews are for entertainment purposes only and if you wager on the show you should only bet what you can afford. Thanks and enjoy the show!

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