Something has decided to do for 2014 is to keep a running tally of our fight picks for all major mixed martial arts (MMA) events. It all began with UFC Fight Night 34 at the beginning of the year and it continues with The Ultimate Fighter 20 tonight (December 12, 2014) in Las Vegas, Nevada. After 41 events, James Lynch is alone in first place, picking fights correctly at a 65.4% clip thus far this year. With six unanimous picks across the board on these 11 fights in total, the standings could be in for a slight shake-up following this event. Without further ado: TUF 20 Finale

 TUF 20 Finale Gabe Killian Adam Martin James Lynch Brad Taschuk Brian Hemminger Nick Kalikas
 Fight #1  Hill  Hill  Hill  Hill  Hill  Hill
 Fight #2  Daly  Chambers  Daly  Chambers  Daly  Daly
 Fight #3  Torres  Torres  Torres  Torres  Torres  Torres
 Fight #4  Calderwood  Calderwood  Calderwood  Calderwood  Calderwood  Calderwood
 Fight #5  Rawlings  Rawlings  Rawlings  Rawlings  Rawlings  Rawlings
 Fight #6  Herrig  Herrig  Herrig  Herrig  Herrig  Herrig
 Fight #7  Markos  Markos  Markos  Penne  Penne  Markos
 Fight #8  Medeiros  Medeiros  Medeiros  Medeiros  Medeiros  Medeiros
 Fight #9  Cruickshank  Noons  Noons  Cruickshank  Cruickshank  Cruickshank
 Fight #10  Stephens  Oliveira  Stephens  Oliveira  Stephens  Stephens
 Fight #11  Esparza  Esparza  Namajunas  Esparza  Namajunas  Namajunas
 Last Event  6-5  9-2  8-3  8-3  7-4  9-2
 Total Record  285-181  295-171  305-161  289-177  299-167  299-167

Everyone also has a draw and a no contest on their record due to the Johnny Bedford vs Rani Yahya and the Norman Parke vs Leonardo Santos bouts. Follow along throughout 2014 to see who pulls ahead!

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