UFC Founder Art Davie: 'I wish UFC would put more focus on the amateurs'

MMAOddsBreaker's Frank Trigg speaks with original Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) founder Art Davie about a wide variety of topics including reminiscing the glory days, his regrets, and his new book Is This Legal? which discusses the story behind the first UFC event back in 1993.

The entrepreneur would make one significant change if he was still in control of the UFC today:
"I think there has to be more emphasis on the amateur situation and I think that as the category leader, the UFC could be doing more and should be doing more. If the UFC were still mine, MMA is not being taught in the schools. They teach Kendo and Judo in Japan. I think we need more of a footprint in amateur MMA and if the UFC were mine, I would be doing more work in that area in terms of building tomorrow's fighter because I think we've only seen the beginning of where we're going with the evolution of fighting and fighters period."
Also, feel free to enjoy a recording of Davie's Q&A session taken from his appearance at the UFC Fight Expo earlier this summer:

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Frank Trigg

Frank Trigg

Frank Trigg is a UFC Hall of Famer and veteran Mixed Martial Arts commentator and Analyst. As a fighter, Trigg was a multiple time champion and top contender in the UFC, Pride, Icon Sport, WFA, and Rumble on the Rock. After retiring from competition Trigg has worked with Fox Sports, KHON Fox-Honolulu, and MMA Odds Breaker as a commentator, analyst, and host for both studio shows and live fight events.

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