Reed Kuhn, author of “Fightnomics,” offers some intriguing statistics about the two fighters competing in the UFC 229 main event, Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The first three graphs tell the following story:

1. These are two of the most dominant fighters in the division… but in very different ways.
2. Clearly Conor’s striking is among the best.
3. While Khabib’s grappling is dominant.
Other graphs show similar stylistic contrast between the two. 
The final two charts are on career Betting Returns for the two fighters.

1 Fighter Effectiveness UFC Lightweight Division

2 Striking Assessment Chart UFC Lightweights
3 Wrestling Effectiveness UFC Lightweight Division
Conor Khabib Knockdowns vs Ground Control
Conor vs Khabib stats
Conor Khabib Betting Returns Graph

Top Betting Returns with Conor

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