ToutMaster 2018: Post-UFC Fight Night 131

ToutMaster 2018 (presented by and TheMMA-Analysis Podcast) continued on June 1, 2018 with UFC Fight Night 131.

Here’s the updated top 20 leaderboard:

UFN 131 ToutMaster

Half Chub has made a strong move up the standings and taken over the year lead with 138.6 points. NoseBleeds is only .55 back at 138.05. In third place is Guts.Glory.Ham at 137 points. In fourth place is MMABetMachine at 136.45 points. Rounding out the top five is joshuafoo1 at 136.3 points.

There was a five-way tie for the top score for the event at 12.55 points. Bail3yz, D_Klen11, and TheImmortalGoud each had a rare perfect score for the event.

To check out the full 2018 standings, click the following link:

Some additional notes on each card:

UFC Fight Night 131

  • Favorites to win: 10
  • Underdogs to win: 2
  • Biggest Underdog to win: Ben Saunders (+1.55 points)
  • Biggest Consensus Pick: Belal Muhammad (128) / Chance Recountre (8)
  • Biggest Consensus Pick (2018 Record): 11-4
  • Most Contentious Pick: Tie between Jarred Brooks (73) / Jose Torres (63) and Ben Saunders (73) / Jake Ellenberger (63)
  • Consensus Underdog Picks: Jarred Brooks, Ben Saunders
  • Consensus Underdog Picks Event Record: 1-1
  • Consensus Underdog Picks in 2018 (More contestants picked underdog than favorite): 12-15

The UFC heads to Chicago for one of its best events of the year with UFC 225. With a big fight card, expect a lot of dissension in picks and some changes in the standings.    

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