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Bare Knuckle Boxing 10 takes place at The Auditorium at Echo Arena in Liverpool, England this Saturday (March 24, 2018). For those unaware of the rules, fights are anywhere between three and five rounds, with each round being two minutes. Scoring is similar to boxing and MMA with a maximum of 10 points per round. Fighters are not permitted to headbutt, hit below the belt, hit the back of the head, or use anything other than their hands to strike an opponent.

In the main event, Adam Jenkins takes on Josh Burns in a heavyweight bout. Burns is a mixed martial artist turned bare-knuckle boxer out of Michigan while Jenkins is making his bare-knuckle boxing debut.

Also on tap, former middleweight champion Jimmy Sweeney rematches The Ultimate Fighter veteran Julian Lane, who defeated him for the belt last November. UFC veterans Phil Baroni and Goran Reljic will also be competing on the card.

Betting Odds were opened via BetDSI 


Bare Knuckle Boxing: BKB 10
The Auditorium at Echo Arena
Liverpool, UK - Saturday, 3-24-18

Adam Jenkins +245
Josh Burns -325

Marko Martinjak +265
Travis Dickinson -385

Jimmy Sweeney -110
Julian lane -130

Morgan Starkey +215
James Lilley -285

Jonny lawson +125
Ricardo Franco -165

John Lewis +150
Hari Miles -190

Phil Baroni +365
Goran Reljic -725

Daniel Lerwell +100
Peter Radford -140

Will Cairns +350
Liam James -650

Jamie Proctor -105
Nathan Jdogg -135

Stuart Maddox +150
Sean Donnelly -190


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