MMA OddsBreaker's Submission of the Month for October/November 2017

MMA OddsBreaker’s Submission of the Month for October 2017 goes to Demetrious Johnson for his fifth-round armbar submission of Ray Borg, where he successfully set the record for most UFC title defenses, beating Anderson Silva’s previous record. Johnson picked Borg up and in mid-attempt of a suplex, he maneuvered beautifully into an armbar and forced the tap from Borg. That highlight will undoubtedly be played over and over for years to come. Congratulations, Mighty Mouse!

MMA OddsBreaker’s Submission of the Month for November 2017 goes to Georges St. Pierre for his third round technical rear naked choke submission of Michael Bisping, taking his UFC middleweight crown in the process. It was St. Pierre’s first fight in four years and he really delivered, looking terrific both with his striking and grappling. He managed to get the better of the Brit on the feet, eventually dropping him with a shot, at which point he followed him to the mat, took his bank and sunk in the choke. Bisping refused to tap, went to sleep and now we have a new champ. It is a question mark whether he will opt to stay at 185 pounds or move back down to welterweight to challenge Tyron Woodley for the UFC welterweight title that was once his. In any case, fight fans everywhere look forward to seeing him back in action sooner than later following that impressive submission victory. Congratulations, Georges St. Pierre!

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