It has been just over a month since SummerSlam 2017 took place, and the fallout from that event in Brooklyn has taken us all the way to the other coast for No Mercy 2017 in Los Angeles. Brock Lesnar was able to successfully defend his Universal Heavyweight Title, but the vicious beating laid on him by Braun Strowman during a fatal four-way main event gave Strowman the momentum to challenge Lesnar one-on-one at the Staples Center.

Before I go any further and give you the betting odds for Lesnar vs. Strowman and the other key matches on this card, I’d like to offer my standard disclaimer, and make sure you understand what “odds” means in this context. If this were a boxing or MMA fight consideration would be given to their win/loss record, cardio, skill level in various disciplines, motivation going into the bout, and so on. NONE of that matters here. The odds are a reflection of what story Vince McMahon and his writing team want to tell. Long odds in favor mean the script for the show is virtually set in stone. Long odds against mean there’s unlikely to be a change in plans — but never say never. Always check the latest odds first because Vince can change his mind on a whim.

With that out of the way let’s get down to brass tacks. As it stands right now Lesnar is a HUGE -1,530 favorite over Strowman at +720. That line actually makes me a little suspicious, because McMahon gets anxious when he feels that too much of their plans are being telegraphed, but then my “wrestling brain” kicks in and reminds me that Strowman has been getting the better of Lesnar repeatedly leading up to this one on one match. Recent WWE script history has shown that when a champion has been made to look weak leading up to a pay per view, he goes over strong AT said same. Betting on the favorite doesn’t pay off well here, but Strowman doesn’t need a win to remain “the monster among men.”

Elsewhere on the card the heated rivalry (in terms of TV promos at least) between John Cena and Roman Reigns finally comes to a head on Sunday. Once again scripting has telegraphed the betting odds, because Cena has gotten the better of it verbally over the last month, but he’s a +315 underdog. Reigns is the -445 favorite for that reason and at least two others: he’s “the chosen one” for WWE’s future going forward, and Reigns did make one accurate point in the build up to this match — Cena is now a part timer. Giving him a win when he’s not going to be around makes no sense.

Other matches of interest for Sunday night: Ambrose & Rollins are -585 to retain the tag team titles over Cesaro & Sheamus at +385, Finn Balor is -300 over Bray Wyatt at +220, and Neville is -300 to retain over Enzo Amore at +220. Please remember these previews are for entertainment purposes and if you do wager please only bet what you can afford. Enjoy No Mercy 2017 on the WWE Network!

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