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GLORY 9 Opening Betting Odds

Glory 9 PosterIn one of the more laughable governmental policies regarding sports, while MMA remains illegal in the state, GLORY will be putting on a phenomenal one-night kickboxing tournament this Saturday in New York City, where the winning fighter will have to compete three separate times over the span of a few hours.
The fact that MMA's exclusion from the state will be brought up in excess over the next 36 hours shouldn't overshadow what really is a fantastic overall card. The headliner of the card, and expected tournament winner is Tyrone Spong, who is notable across both sports as he attempts to transition from elite kickboxer to high-level mixed martial artist. Spong is not the only name on the card however, as heavyweights Rico Verhoeven and Errol Zimmerman will throw down. Daniel Ghita will also be making another appearance on a GLORY card, as he takes on Brice Guidon of France.
Today, oddsmaker Nick Kalikas opened the betting lines for GLORY 9 at 5Dimes Sportsbook. Take a look:
Rico Verhoeven -130
Errol Zimmerman -110
Tyrone Spong -1200
Michael Duut +600
Danyo Ilunga -215
Mourad Bouzidi +165
Daniel Ghita -750
Brice Guidon +450
Anderson Silva -210
Daniel Sam +160
Joseph Valtelini -210
Francois Ambang +160
Artem Vakhitov -530
Luis Tavares +350
Filip Verlinden -210
Steve McKinnon +160
Brian Collette -215
Dustin Jacoby +165

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