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MMAOddsBreaker Staff Picks - UFC 211

MMAOddsBreaker.com has returned for 2017 and just like last year, we're keeping a running tally of our staff's fight picks for all major mixed martial arts (MMA) events. After eleven events thus far the current standings are pretty tight. Nick Kalikas has now taken the lead and in first place with an 90-39-1 mark (69%). James Lynch and Brian Hemminger are currently tied in second place with a picks score of 89-40-1. There was only one unanimous pick out of 12 fights in total (James Vick). The most contentious fights were Dustin Poirier vs. Eddie Alvarez (Poirier 5 - Alvarez 4), Jessica Aguilar vs. Cortney Casey (Aguilar 5 - Casey 4) and Gabriel Benitez vs. Enrique Barzola (Benitez 5 - Barzola 4). Without further ado: UFC 211

UFC 211G. Killian - V. Matty - J. Lynch - B. Taschuk - B. Hemminger - N. Kalikas - J. Primetown - B. Wharton - R. Doxtator
Fight #1AntigulovAntigul.Antigul.Christen.Antigul.Antigul.Antigul.Antigul.Antigul.
Fight #2BenitezBarzolaBenitezBenitezBarzolaBarzolaBenitezBenitezBarzola
Fight #3AguilarAguilarCaseyAguilarCaseyAguilarAguilarCaseyCasey
Fight #4VickVickVickVickVickVickVick VickVick
Fight #5CoulterShermanShermanShermanShermanCoulterShermanShermanSherman
Fight #6KnightSkellySkellySkellySkellySkellySkellySkellySkelly
Fight #7PoirierPoirierAlvarezPoirierPoirierPoirierAlvarezAlvarezAlvarez
Fight #8JotkoBranchJotkoBranchJotkoJotkoJotkoBranchJotko
Fight #9EdgarEdgarEdgarEdgarRodriguezEdgarEdgarRodriguezEdgar
Fight #10MaiaMaiaMaiaMaiaMasvidalMaiaMasvidalMaiaMasvidal
Fight #11AndradeJedrzej.Jedrzej.Jedrzej.AndradeAndradeJedrzej.Jedrzej.Jedrzejczyk
Fight #12JDSMiocicMiocicMiocicJDSMiocicMiocicMiocicJDS
Last Event8-510-39-49-411-210-38-58-511-2
2017 Record79-50-186-43-189-40-182-47-189-40-190-39-178-51-177-52-184-45-1

2017 Results

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Final Results 2016 -Winner: Nick Kalikas

Final Results 2015 - Winner: Brad Taschuk

Final Results 2014 -Winner: James Lynch

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