Prior to each UFC card, Jay Primetown takes a close look at debuting fighters. In the latest installment, we look at Welshman Jack Marshman as he takes on veteran middleweight Magnus Cedenblad at UFC Fight Night 99 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Jack “Hammer” Marshman Hometown: Arbertillery, Wales Age: 26 Height: 6’0” Reach: 72” Weight Class: Welterweight Camp: Tillery Combat MMA Academy Career Record: 20-5 Key Wins: Che Mills Key Losses: Scott Askham, Tom Watson Background The former Cage Warriors Middleweight Champion enters the UFC on a six-fight winning streak. Of his 20 wins, 17 of them have come by finish. Marshman is also a paratrooper in Great Britain’s army. Strengths

  • Aggressive fighter that tends to walk down his opponents
  • Decent power
  • Strikes in volume
  • Good work rate


  • Poor striking technique
  • Very hittable on the feet
  • Undersized for the weight class
  • Not a particularly good athlete
  • Susceptible to being knocked out (Three of his five career losses are by knockout)



  Matchup against Magnus Cedenblad This is a tough opening fight for Jack Marshman. Cedenblad has a tremendous size advantage in this bout with a 5 inch height and a 7 inch reach advantage. On the feet, Cedenblad has made improvements and should do well to keep Marshman at bay. Cedenblad’s chin is a question mark and Marshman certainly has the aggression and power to threaten on the feet. If Marshman wins this bout, I expect it would be by blitzing forward and landing a knockout punch. However, the most likely result is Cedenblad taking Marshman to the ground. Cedenblad averages more than two takedowns per 15 minutes in the octagon. On the ground, he has a very good submission game and his length and grappling aggression will cause Marshman all sorts of problems. Cedenblad is certainly the better fighter on paper as he is the bigger, longer, better skilled fighter, but I’m always worried about Cedenblad’s chin and potentially being knocked out. This is a watch and learn fight for me. UFC Ceiling Jack Marshman has had a decent professional career up until this fight. His skill set is rather pedestrian with decent pop in his hands and an aggressive style, but he’s very workman like and fights at a solid pace. I think he’s already over exceeded his ability with his fighting career thus far and it’s hard to imagine him doing well long term in the UFC unless he improves his technical skill set. He’s still rather small for the weight class and way too hittable. Fight Film Check out Jack Marshman in some of his most recent fights:   Jack Marshman vs. Christopher Jacquelin   Jack Marshman vs. Shaun Lomas

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