Stephen Thompson vs Anthony Pettis

This fight should playout entirely on the feet as both men are most comfortable there. While Pettis does have the better ground game, I don’t expect him to attempt takedowns against the bigger fighter here. Thompson should be able to see everything Pettis comes at him with from a mile away (aside from maybe a few of those wild kicks that Pettis throws from time-to-time) as he professionally kickboxed to a whopping 58-0 during his stint there. Thompson has become a point fighter much like point fighting in kickboxing. He takes minimal risks and really takes a while to feel out his opponents range and attacks as well. He matches up well with Pettis due to his size, reach, and ability to throw quick kicks and jabs and still dart out of reach of Pettis’ counters. I’m expecting a bit of a feeling out process early on whilst not building up to much of anything. Thompson should be able to handle Pettis easily en route to a unanimous decision win.

Prop: Thompson wins by decision (+149)

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