ufc-sean-oconnellUFC Fight Night 65 is now in our rear-view, having left us with a solid night of fights and finishes. Despite yet again falling victim to another terrible and costly judges' decision, I managed to come out in the green. Here's a recap of my wagers from the evening... Straight Plays O'Connell (+150) 4u to win 6u - WIN Vick (+135) 3u to win 4.05u - WIN Webb (+100) 3u to win 3u - LOSS Ellis (+150) 1.5u to win 2.25u - LOSS Chambers (+190) 1.7u to win 3.23u - WIN Nguyen (+170) 2u to win 3.4u - WIN Grujic (-110) 3.3u to win 3u - LOSS Parlays Hunt/Miocic Over 1.5 rounds (-175) and Tavares (-160) at +155 for 3.55u to win 5.51u - LOSS Hioki (-300), Alvey (-420) and Scott (-115) at +208 for 4.1u to win 8.55u - LOSS Kelly/Alvey Under 1.5 rounds (+130) and Scott/Andrews Over 1.5 rounds (-190) at +251 for 1.75u to win 4.39u - WIN Prop Plays Here are my props. Miocic by Unanimous Decision (+425) 1u to win 4.25u - LOSS Not Miocic ITD (-119) 1.19u to win 1u - LOSS Hunt in Round Three (+1325) .25u to win 3.31u - LOSS Tavares/Whittaker Goes to Dec (-145) 1.45u to win 1u - LOSS O'Connell by T/KO (+250) 1u to win 2.5u - WIN O'Connell in Round One (+400) 1u to win 4u - WIN O'Connell by Decision (+500) .5u to win 2.75u - LOSS Matthews/Vick Goes to Dec (-155) 1.55u to win 1u - LOSS Not Matthews ITD (-275) 2.75u to win 1u - WIN Vick ITD (+500) .5u to win 2.5u - WIN Scott by Decision (+350) 1u to win 3.5u - LOSS Alvey ITD (-145) 1.45u to win 1u - WIN Alvey by Sub (+729) .35u to win 2.55u - LOSS O'Reilly/Grujic Goes to Dec (-115) 1.1u to win 1u - WIN Grujic by Decisin (+200) 1u to win 2u - LOSS UFC Fight Night 65 Straight/Parlay total: 5-4 for +5.62u Props total: 6-9 for +3.61u Overall total: 11-13 for +9.23u 2015 Straight/Parlay total: 50-57 for -17.29u Props total: 70-117 for +6.7u Overall total: 113-174 for -10.59u Underdogs: 21-25 for +21.79u Event win/loss: 13-16

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Gabe Killian

Gabe Killian is a mixed martial arts journalist and handicapper, as well as a stand-up comedian and writer.

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