UFC Fight Night 65 is in the books, so how did Nick Kalikas' bets do? Well, MMAOddsBreaker Premium didn't have any bets, but we did give out a free play which went 0-1 for -1 unit overall. Premium UFC Fight Night 65: 0-0 0 units Wins: none Losses: none Free Bets: 0-1 -1 unit Wins: none Losses: 1 unit: Parlay Kailin Curran (-207) with Bec Rawlings (-185) at (+128) Total on the Weekend: 0-1 -1 unit For a complete track record of our plays, click here. To sign up for MMAOddsBreaker Premium, click here.

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Brian Hemminger

Brian Hemminger

Brian Hemminger has been involved in MMA since 2007, and is highly regarded for his well-researched and knowledgeable interviews. He has hosted The Verbal Submission MMA podcast for three years and was a staff writer at MMAmania.com from 2011 to 2013 with an extensive background in live coverage, fight previews and post-fight analysis.

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